Bong Terminology

Bong Terminology

Bong/ Water Pipes Glossary (Weed/ Cannabis)


Bong/ Water Pipe

An instrument that has various components to smoke cannabis or tobacco (usually cannabis). It functions by adding water to it, putting some dried cannabis into the ‘bowl’, burning the cannabis and inhaling the smoke produced from the mouthpiece. The smoke gets filtered through the water to allow for a cool & smooth smoke. Bongs can also be used to smoke cannabis concentrates by adding 'accessories' (see 'Bangers')

Beaker Bong

A form of Bong with a large beaker shaped base to accommodate more water resulting in smoother smokes. 

Straight Tube Bong

The classic pipe style bong is shaped like a vertical pipe with a flat base to stand upright.


Also known as a small hand-held water pipe/ bong commonly used for group parties and such. The same function, but easier to carry. Bubblers usually don't require any assembly but there are some that still feature removable downstems or bowls.

Dab Rig, Oil Rig, Concentrate Rig, Vapor Rig, Wax Rig

These Rigs are used to smoke weed 'concentrates' and usually have the same smoking process as Bongs/ Water Pipes but instead of bowls and downstems they have Bangers, Nails, Carb Caps, or Domes (Check ‘Accessories’) to help burn the concentrates. Rigs can also be customized with accessories to smoke dry cannabis as well.


A much smaller version of Straight Tubes, smaller than bubblers, can fit in pockets.


A much smaller version of Beaker Bongs that can fit in pockets.

Mini-Rig/ Nano-Rig

A pocket-sized Dab Rig/ Oil Rig/ etc.

Nectar Collector

A Nectar Collector is a thick flute-like Dab Rig. It generally has a ‘neck’ where the ‘mouthpiece’ is, a ‘body’ that filters the smoke and sometimes has a percolator, and a ‘tip’ to burn the ‘concentrate’. The concentrates are made of quartz or titanium, these materials are best due to their high heat resistance and durability.

Hand Pipe, Weed Pipe, Pot Pipe

A hand-held dry cannabis pipe—similar to tobacco pipes—that is used to burn cannabis and inhale the smoke directly. Pipes have ‘Carb Holes' in them to control the airflow to it, some pipes also have ‘Ash Catchers’ built-in to give a cleaner smoke.

Glass Pipe

A Hand Pipe made from Borosilicate Glass or cheaper Glass. Borosilicate Glass is recommended for its reliability and safety.

Silicone Pipe

A Hand Pipe made from Silicone, usually comes in Spoon Pipe shape. People who travel a lot prefer Silicone for its flexibility and ruggedness to keep it safe from breaking.

Wooden Pipe

A Hand Pipe made from wood. Wood has been used to make smoking pipes for over 4000 years. Wood pipes can add amazing flavour accents to your smoke based on the type of wood used, that is why many pros go for wooden smoking pipes. These can become increasingly expensive due to the cost of expensive wood and the difficulty of perfect craftsmanship.

Spoon Pipe

Spoon Pipes are a type of Hand Pipe designed like spoons, hence the name. Usually preferred by people for its easy and direct use, easier handling, and affordability. Has a ‘Carb Hole’ on the side of the ‘Bowl’.

Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are similar to spoon pipes and hammer pipes but with longer, curved ‘necks’. The rest of the function and structure is the same as spoon pipes. While most select these pipes for aesthetics, the elongated neck does add more cooling to the smoke.

Hammer Pipe/ Barrel Pipe

A Hand Pipe with a ‘bowl’ shaped like a hammer or a barrel. These pipes are the go-to for those who want large deep bowls on their hand pipes.

Gandalf Pipe

A Hand Pipe with an even longer ‘neck’ and curve than Sherlock Pipes. Named for their similarity to Gandalf the Grey’s pipe from The Lord Of The Rings.


SteamRollers feature the design of a one-hitter/ chillum with the cannabis holding capacity of larger pipes like the spoon pipe or sherlock pipe, they also have a carb hole in the opposite end to the mouthpiece. 

Ironically these pipes can come in sizes larger than bongs and come with ‘Bong Bowls’. SteamRollers were made due to large demand from One-Hitter/ Chillum users who wanted stronger hits.

One-Hitter/ Chillum/ Taster

These are the smallest sized Hand Pipes you will find. One-hitters or chillums contain enough cannabis for one smoke, hence the name. For this reason, they are also known as tasters. Very popular among travelers for their portability and ease in cleaning.


Vaporizers are hand-held electrical appliances that use electricity from a battery to burn your cannabis (Dried or Concentrates) forming vapors that you can then smoke. Vaporizers have various components such as battery, Chamber, Atomizer, Coils, & mouthpiece. Vaporizers all come with rechargeable batteries.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

A Dry Herb Vaporizer is a Vaporizer that burns shredded cannabis or dried cannabis by applying direct electrical heat.

Concentrate Vaporizer

A Concentrate Vaporizer is a Vaporizer that burns cannabis concentrates stored in the Chamber that is heated via direct electrical heat. That way the burning process is controlled.

Dab Pen/ Oil Pen/ Wax Pen

These are Concentrate Vaporizers as well but are extremely portable, almost the same size as a pen, hence the name Dab Pen. Due to their portability, Oil Pens/ Dab Pens/ Wax Pens have smaller Chambers than larger Concentrate Vaporizers.


Some Concentrate Vaporizers have interchangeable coils to alter the rate of burn based on the users preference. These Coils vary in the number of heating coils they contain, more coils means even burn, larger coils means faster burn.


A function commonly present in concentrate vaporizers. This function automatically preheats the Chamber to the preset temperature allowing for instant smoking of the concentrates.


Chamber is the part of a cannabis vaporizer that holds either ‘dry cannabis’ or cannabis ‘concentrate’. Travel friendly vaporizers such as dab pens or electrical one-hitters don't have a chamber due to the small amount of cannabis they burn. Instead, you directly load the cannabis onto the Atomizer.


The Atomizer converts electrical power from the battery into heat that burns the cannabis for the user to smoke. The structure of the Atomizer is based on its use, whether it is for ‘dry cannabis’ or for ‘concentrates’.

Dry Cannabis Atomizers typically heat up the chamber, which is made from ceramic, quartz, or steel that allows the heat to spread evenly among the cannabis for a smooth and even burn.

Concentrate Cannabis Atomizers comes in various types each with its own advantages. Some atomizers have multiple small heating coils wrapped around a material like ceramic, cotton, or quartz, while others have a single large heating coil that directly burns the concentrate. Once the atomizers heat up, they burn the concentrate and turn it into a vapor that the user inhales. Advantages of a coil are commonly mentioned in the product description so make sure you read carefully and select what you need.
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