About Us

James Bong 420 was founded in 2021 by 2 Bros during COVID. We knew it would be an even greater struggle due to the pandemic curfews but we had reached our limits in seeing the same exploitation occur everywhere. We wanted to bring a change, a change in how businesses viewed customers, and a change in how customers viewed our business.

Our Passion

We’ve been in this industry for years now, and have experience with cannabis for even longer. A stigma revolved around marijuana smoking ever since it was discovered, even after all the advancements and benefits that have been discovered that stigma persists. We have seen and experienced this during our careers when customers would enter our stores, it was akin to someone entering an adult toy store.

Furthermore, most of the shops we’ve worked at usually aimed to get as much out of their customers as possible. They would willingly sacrifice customer satisfaction to increase their profit margin, selling unreliable and cheap glass for a much higher cost than humanely acceptable. We would aim to create a relationship with our customers so that they could rely on us to select a product for them, to make sure they don't regret their purchase. This did not sit well with our employers, and looking away was no longer an option.

A New Start: James Bong 420

So, using the connections that were made through our careers we used up our savings to start James Bong 420. Our motto is to use everything we have learned to list products we know are reliable and worth the cost, cheap or expensive, and help customers learn and know what it is they need or want. 

We believe smoking marijuana can be a great and enjoyable experience, and we want to help our customers smoke the way they would love best. We also hope to create a cannabis paraphernalia shop that eliminates that stigma and provide a retail experience identical to that of general tobacco shops.